Susan Sontag

An EL  is an Allegheny College faculty-guided Experiential Learning study abroad Seminar (EXL 594) for 3 weeks in summer, from mid-May to early June. The intensive mandatory pre-departure academic sessions, during the spring semester prior to our travel, prepare you to become knowledgeable about the course theme and the historical and cultural aspects of the regions we will visit. We will be covering academic and journalism reports related to the course theme. There will be guest lecturers as well who will share their expertise on the topics. Some are Allegheny College professors and others are professional experts and researchers from across the world who will be video conferencing with the class. 
Because of COVID-19, we deferred the "Wars & Waterways" EL seminar to the summer of 2022 and will continue to monitor and update plans as we move ahead. You will earn 4 academic credits for the EXL 594: "Wars & Waterways" that count towards the 128 credits required for graduation. Assignments cover pre-departure assignments and research, the travel journal and on-site intercultural activities, and re-entry reflective assignments and presentations.
If you will be a Senior and planning to walk in May 2022, you can still participate in the EL, and receive a separate transcript for the course in September 2022. For Seniors who are graduating in May 2022 but wish to use 4 of their remaining credits from Spring 2022 for the EL, you can do so. You will be able to walk in May 2022 but will receive your final transcript and the actual degree in September 2022.
For the cost of a regular Allegheny College course, your Summer EL Seminar covers tuition, international flights, in-country flights and costs of travel in the three countries (including cruises, private coaches, sampans, cyclos, tuk-tuks, etc.), lodging, all breakfasts and dinners (and some lunches), and all the excursions, interactions, and activities on the itinerary. What's more, you return in early June and that gives you time enough on your return, to pursue a summer internship!
What makes this a unique and outstanding Allegheny experience is that you will be traveling with a select team of your peers across all disciplines and years of study, & you benefit from the knowledge & insights of Allegheny College faculty, not a commercial third-party provider.